Dr. rer.-ök. Kati Schmengler

Koch, L.T. / Schmengler, K. (2006), Entrepreneurial Success And Low-Budget Internet Exposures: The Case Of Online-Retailing, in: International Journal of Technology Management, Jg. 33, Nr. 4, S. 438-451.

Online-retailing might be regarded as a solution to the challenge of becoming and remaining competitive in an evolutionary and dynamic economic environment, especially for entrepreneurs. Theoretical requirements concerning online-retailing that are discussed in the common literature are mostly not appropriate for newly founded enterprises. They are very extensive and to bring them to fruition often involves financial resources entrepreneurs cannot obtain. The aim of this paper is to fill the seeming research gap in literature on low-budget marketing, especially internet marketing. Regarding entrepreneurial companies and empirical literature, the central propositions of this paper maintain that, firstly, low-budget internet exposures of entrepreneurial firms are successful mainly in a market niche, and secondly, that they evolve corresponding to the company's development. Theoretical approaches taken into consideration are the resource-based view to analyse the capability of development in the context of the life-cycle model.